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So now I’m looking at cleaning up the whole bike, and making it sharper. White tank and belly pan, blacked out everything else, and possibly a vrod headlight.

She runs very well now that I’ve sealed the pod filters with sealing grease. She’s due for a new tire, but I did get her a nice pitbull stand!

Also thinking about gearings. No highways here, at all, so no need for a theoretical 120 mph top speed, so I’m thinking of getting a 42 tooth rear sprocket for some small take off wheelies, hehe…


Done! For now…

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Eye candy. She’s been done for about 2 weeks, so I’ve been riding here lately, and sparsely updating, can you blame me?


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Every project of this kind has some of them. Today I found out that only half the Integrated taillight works. Left blinker is good, but right blinker only lights up two half rows of red LED’s, not yellow. When the key is in and in the on position, only 3/4th of the LED’s are on. Sad face.

So, back to stock I guess, which means I’ll have to fabricate some signals, as I only have the harness with bulbs in them. Or I could go china made,  but that’ll take at least 10 days to ship here, because they have to go through Hawaii, and then back at me. I may end up just ordering one and getting to my tail chop while I’m at it.


On the plus side, I did get my chain tensioner plates and alignment plates also, nice gold bling to complement the brakes! On the minus side, exhaust gaskets STILL have not come in, despite leaving Hawaii several days ago. I did get a nice crank turner and a clutch hub in. Shipped the cycle cat rearsets off and expecting stock rearsets. I’m fully bummed by the gaskets not coming in, since I have drill all weekend, starting Friday. Also got a hole of someone that can source me a cool Nichols Kickstand bolt that defeats the auto retract system.

At least I’ll have something to keep my mind off  waiting for parts.

Rain Rain….

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So I haven’t put on the rear integrated light yet, but I did get my exhaust half bushes, courtesy of Frank at FastByFrank Racing. Exhaust gaskets were shipped yesterday, as were the cable luber, gas cap, and engine turner. Battery was shipped today, along with a new set of clutch master and brake master perch clamps.




Maybe tomorrow I’ll do the taillight before work. I found some screws around the house long enough to bolt on the lens, but I’m debating whether or not I should seal it with RTV. Not to mention I have to figure out how to attach the wires for the rear blinkers. May have to cut a hole in the plastic base and route it, no big deal though. Just gotta seal it with something, maybe a dab of hot glue or some silicone.


It’s really just a matter of time. Did an oil change with some Mobil Motorcycle oil, but I do think I’ll have to turn the engine a couple of times, build some pressure in the oil and change the oil at least two more times before we’re ready to start.

More Assembly

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Still waiting on parts to come in. Half bushes are in Honolulu, should be here by tomorrow. Other stuff still in transit to Honolulu. Damn, waiting is really the worst part.

I got the regulator all figured out, and I’ve been cranking her once a day for a few seconds after squirting some oil in the cylinders, giving her a head start on lubricating the walls. Haven’t found a compression adapter for her yet, but she sucks and blows a lot of air when I’m cycling. Just put on the headlight and carbon fiber looking front signals, the rear integrated light will be on tomorrow


Ordered a new AGM Motobatt for her, slightly smaller, 11A hours only, but has higher cranking amps. Slightly pinching the budget here, but I’m not exactly sure of my needs yet, as far as the battery.


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So I spent about 3 or 4 hours last night scouring eBay and the Internet for parts, and staying up until 1 am so I could make the call to Pinwall cycle parts and Yoyodyne for the chain adjusters and brembo master cylinder clamps. I was originally set of buying a whole set of master cylinders, but I got lucky and found Yoyodyne, who told me all street brembo masters have the same bolt spacing, including radials. Sweet, clicked and ordered, ran into a problem being on Guam and it not showing under territories of the USA. I also have the Yoyodyne exhaust flanges, which look really, really good! Saved me almost $100!!! Luckily, I was outbid on that pair or masters!

Also ordered:
CNC gas cap
Chain adjuster bolts, plates, and alignment plates
Crank turning tool
Exhaust gaskets and half bushes

Cycle Cat stock length kick stand
Carbon fiber front cowl
Yellow tail cowl

Worked out the ground wires and found the vertical cylinder was a tooth off, but she turned! Reset it and hope it was just a by product of tensioning the belt, as the top one is spring loaded.

The Process.

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It has been exactly one week since I picked up my 1998 Ducati Monster 900 in pieces. The previous owner had it stripped down to the frame and powdercoated. Various circumstances prevented him from finishing the project, and had passed it on to me.

What I started with.

Straight down to the frame, luckily almost everything was intact, like the harness, which made it easier to assemble.

However, this isn’t just any Monster, some extremely nice goodies came with it, courtesy of the ever so rare CycleCat company.

CycleCat Rearsets

CycleCat Clipons

CycleCat Top Triple

Keihin FCR41 Carburetor kit from CA-Cycleworks

K&N Pod Filters

Termignioni Slip-ons

Dyna Coil Kit from CA-Cycleworks.

Integrated Taillight from Clear Alternatives.

Carbon Fiber front turn signals.

Carbon Fiber Rear Tire Hugger.

14t front sprocket and -4 rear sprocket.


Day 2

Swingarm Mounted, Suspension mounted!

Swingarm and shock mounted!

Day 3

wheels and front forks!

And that’s where we stand today, a week later. Today, (Day 7) I sorted out and secured the wiring harness, coils and taillight.

Among the parts ordered last night:

Exhaust Gasket

Exhaust half bushes

Clutch Hub (Because I snapped one off, damnit)

Clutch and Brake Master cylinders (only need the clamps, but can’t find them by themselves!)

Currently, my task is to sort out the fuel line routing, and vacuum line for the vacuum fuel pump.

Thanks for reading so far, and Thanks to the DMF! (www.DucatiMonsterForum.org)